Written and directed by Jonathan Cook
Starring Courtney Robertson Prouty, Larry Sprowls, Jonathan Cook, Robb Smith, and Erica Badke Janostak
Lucky Lou is a dark comedic short film adapted from the 2013 play of the same name written by Jonathan Cook. The play originally premiered in 2013 in Hollywood, CA at the Eclectic Company Theatre and then was produced again in 2014 at Le Chat Noir Theatre in Augusta, GA. The movie officially premiered for audiences at the Imperial Theatre in the Poison Peach Film Festival in 2015. 
SYNOPSIS: Kara and Wendell want nothing more than to have a baby, but that has proven to be difficult. After trying various medical procedures without success, they reach out to an unlikely source - a man called Lou and he has the unique ability to bring anything he touches good luck.



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